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SS (Silicone Sheet)

With the development of IT industry, electronic products are getting smaller, thinner and multi-featured. Due to this trend, the thermal management of electronic products is also getting more and more important. HRS silicone sheet products have developed to meet the needs of times based on Silicone Rubber’s characteristics like silicone thermal sheet’s high thermal conductivity, flame retardant, high temperature resistance etc.. And the demand of silicone sheet is getting wider into auto industry, shipbuilding industry, medical industry and home appliances.

HRS silicone sheet product line is including functional silicone tape, super slim sheet, functional silicone foam, flame retardant silicone sheet, silicone tube, silicone packing, fiberglass reinforced thermal management sheet (silicone thermal sheet) and adhesive silicone film etc…

Silicone Sheet
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